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I'm a film director and freelance cinematographer available for hire in San Francisco/Los Angeles/wherever. I shoot narrative film, music videos, commercials and travel videos.
Many cinematographers get a thrill capturing the environment around them. I personally find more joy altering my surroundings. The creation and manipulation of light combined with the exact right lens and camera pairing enables us to have complete control over what the audience sees by the time the image hits the camera's sensor. The ability to greatly modify an image in-camera results in the purest images and the fastest turnaround possible.
Two of my biggest visual motivations are nature and dreams. It may sound a bit heavy, but I often imagine someone dying in the woods, looking up and seeing the trees swaying around them. In their last moments, this individual sees things differently, and they're granted the unique skill of truly appreciating the tremendous beauty in an everyday setting. They notice things for the first time, things they've had the opportunity to see their whole life but chose to ignore. The real becomes surreal and everything that was previously so available becomes the ultimate dream. I try to imagine what it would be like to be that person, and apply it to cinematography, appreciating every unique angle and frame.
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Photos by Morgan Hamilton-Lee
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